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Interview: Lavinia Jacobs - Sustainability is the Driving Force

June 4, 2019

One of Switzerland's leading foundations, the Jacobs Foundation has forged a reputation for its research-based and system-wide approach to the problems it decides to take on. Its chairperson Lavinia Jacobs talks to Charles Keidan about the foundation's genesis and the wellsprings of her own approach to philanthropy.Alliance Issue: Peace building; June 2019; Volume 24; Number 2


Wanted: a cure for colour-blindness

January 3, 2019

Turning a blind eye to the racism underlying our education system means that any solution will be partial at bestWhen the US education system was created more than 150 years ago, fewer career paths required college degrees, the student population was far less diverse, and antiquated and destructive ideas about race, gender and disability influenced perceptions of whether a student could succeed. The system was built to direct a few students (typically those who were white, male and middle-class) toward rigorous learning experiences and therefore careers that sustained their privilege, while providing a basic education to the rest. This legacy still undergirds our education system today and, as a result, race and class remain the most reliable predictors of students' academic achievements - even as our schools and nation become more diverse.Alliance issue: Systems Change, March 2019, Volume 24 , Number 1.


Interview: José María Arias Mosquera

March 7, 2017

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Fundación Barrié hosted the 6th Conference of the Association of Spanish Foundations and the first International Communications Day on Philanthropy in La Coruña in late 2016. Its president, José Maria Arias Mosquera, talks to Charles Keidan about the importance of communication, about the role of faith and family in Barrié's work, and about how marking its 50th anniversary has allowed the Galician foundation to take a long view of its work.Alliance issue: Philanthropy scholarship and practice -- bridging the divide, March 2017, Volume 22 , Number 2.


Philanthropy scholarship and practice -- bridging the divide - Special feature

March 7, 2017

Philanthropy is now achieving global academic visibility. The world's first school of philanthropy opened in the US in 2013 and new philanthropy centres and chairs have emerged in recent years in Africa, India and Europe. Such interest is likely to intensify as philanthropists assume growing influence over public policy and practice. Yet the study of philanthropy, such as it exists, remains relatively small compared to scholarship and teaching on politics, government and business.Alliance issue: Philanthropy scholarship and practice -- bridging the divide, March 2017, Volume 22 , Number 1.

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