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Valuing Asian social enterprise

June 2, 2020

As the coronavirus ravages businesses and communities, people are isolated, thrown out of work, cut off from medical care, and in need of services often provided by social enterprises. But new research shows that social enterprises themselves need helpIn our study, Business for Good: maximizing the value of social enterprises in Asia[1], we examined the challenges social enterprises face, conducting over 700 surveys and interviews of founders, impact investors, enablers and policy-makers. The study covers six countries – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan and Thailand – with 1.2 million social enterprises among them, and spotlights China and India, which have an additional 3.5 million.Alliance Issue: Social movement philanthropy; June 2020, Volume 25, Number 2


The Quest for Collaboration in Asia

September 3, 2019

The potential advantages of far-reaching collaboration underpinned AVPN's conference in Singapore. But it is a virtue more often preached than practised.Underlying all the themes at the recent AVPN conference in Singapore was the idea of partnership and collaboration. It was almost a leitmotif of the whole proceedings and was present by implication in the conference's overall aim – breaking the boundaries between social and more mainstream finance and encouraging cooperation along what AVPN calls the continuum of capital in pursuit of social goals. What the conference also showed, however, is that collaboration is a virtue more often preached than practised. Yet, the advantages appear self-evident – greater concentration of funding on key areas, a greater pool of expertise and experience to draw on.Alliance Issue: Human rights philanthropy; September 2019, Volume 24, Number 3


Opening the door to youth employment

December 4, 2018

Your goals are our goals, and I am sure that you will strengthen our efforts to ensure that our young men and women achieve their full potential in satisfying and productive employment.' His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, the minister of tolerance, offered this affirmation of Education For Employment (EFE) during the launch of our office in the United Arab Emirates in May 2016.Alliance issue: Royal philanthropy, December 2018, Volume 23 , Number 4.


Diaspora Philanthropy - Special feature

March 6, 2018

In the special feature, Alliance editor, Charles Keidan and guest editor, Mark Sidel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shine a light on the philanthropic dimensions of diaspora with contributors on Africa, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, China and Ireland among others.Alliance issue: Diaspora Philanthropy; March 2018, Volume 23, Number 1.

Special Feature

Asian giving circles come of age

March 6, 2018

Recent studies from the US, Europe and Asia have found a surge in the growth of giving circle membership. Not only that, our latest research from Asia supports those studies in suggesting that participation in a giving circle can help donors become more generous and strategic with their money and time, and positively change their attitude towards non-profits and philanthropy.Alliance issue: Diaspora Philanthropy; March 2018, Volume 23, Number 3.


Are you SDG ready? Arab Philanthropy and the Sustainable Development Goals

September 19, 2017

Alliance Magazine Vol 22 Number 3 September 2017 IssuePg 22-26


Next stop for venture philanthropy

September 5, 2017

When the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) was set up in 2004, venture philanthropy seemed like a vogue -- a novelty embraced by the financial industry, whose precepts it drew on, but that the rest of European philanthropy viewed equivocally. It has proven more resilient -- and more popular -- than its critics anticipated. There are venture philanthropy associations in Europe, in Asia and there will shortly be one in Africa. This durability is partly a result of its ability to create as well as to satisfy an appetite, and to its adaptability.Alliance issue: Philanthropy's Diversity Challenge; September 2017, Volume 22, Number 6.


Feminist philanthropy comes to South Asia

May 9, 2017

For decades, the donor-grantee power relationship has been skewed. Those who 'give' have power over those who 'receive'. This is even more pronounced in south Asia where the state, donors based in the global north and corporate foundations dominate. It is crucial, therefore, that women's funds in particular are challenging the current politics of aid as well as the status quo that exists within it, which excludes the voices and leadership of women, trans and other marginalized communities.Alliance issue: Philanthropy's Diversity Challenge; September 2017, Volume 22, Number 3.


Case study - Philanthropy in disaster: work 'twice blest'

November 29, 2016

The disaster relief work we have done following the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal has convinced Tewa and its sister organization Nagarik Aawaz (NA) of the value of altruism in philanthropy. When all is lost, funding is needed but without love and care, the trauma is less likely to be healed. We learned that this work, as Shakespeare's Portia remarks in The Merchant of Venice, 'is twice blest'. It benefits both the giver and receiver. Alliance issue: #ShiftThePower: The rise of community philanthropy, December 2016, Volume 21 , Number 4.


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