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Crises Happen, Get Ready - December 2022

December 6, 2022

Crises happen. Get ready.The special feature in this issue of Alliance magazine explores the role of philanthropy in crises and suggests that acting before the fact, rather than simply reacting after it is the way ahead. The issue is guest-edited by Patty McIlreavy and Regine Webster of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.We also hear from contributors on the important role narratives play in determining who gets what when it comes to crisis funding.

Feminist philanthropy - Special feature

December 3, 2019

More funding for 'women and girls' is necessary but not sufficient. What philanthropy really needs is a feminist consciousness -- a vision which places women's rights front and centre, challenges political norms and economic orders, shifts power to the most marginalised and interrogates the social construction of gender. This revolutionary spirit runs through the contributions which inform the issue, guest edited by Dreilnden's Ise Bosch and Urgent Action Fund's, Ndana Bofu-Tawamba.The issue highlights and celebrates practical ways that feminist philanthropy has created a more equal world. Women's Funds, 'gender wise' funding toolkits, impact investing with a gender lens and united action by green and gender activists are just a few examples featured on these pages.The issue also provides encouragement to male colleagues to engage with these questions with humility and depth.Yet the very idea of the open, liberal, and democratic society underpinned by respect for human rights is under attack and refugees, people of colour, LGBT individuals and groups, women's rights and environmental activists and individuals or groups denied basic economic and social rights -- all those that human rights legislation protects -- are in the firing line.The September 2019 issue of Alliance highlights the eco-system of liberal funders and activists throwing everything at stemming the tide. Adrian Arena takes us inside the Oak Foundation's human rights programme, Selmin Caliskan discusses OSF's exile to Berlin, and Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri explains why funding for economic and social rights should be prioritised.Alliance Issue: Feminist philanthropy; December 2019, Volume 24, Number 4

Special Feature

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