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Refugees and migration: philanthropy responds - Special Feature

March 1, 2016

It is generally agreed that states have obligations, legally and ethically. But what happens when states and international institutions fail to act? Or act in a way that causes or exacerbates the problem? Does philanthropy - the literal meaning of which is a love of humanity - hold the promise of helping to alleviate human suffering? Our special feature asks how philanthropy should respond to the issues posed by refugees and migration. Guest edited by Timothy Ogden, Ayesha Saran and Atallah Kuttab, the feature looks at where we are now, philanthropy's varied responses to the issues and whether, and under what circumstances, migration can be a force for good. Alliance issue: Refugees and migration: philanthropy responds, March 2016, Volume 21 , Number 1.

Special Feature

Philanthropy in transitions - Special feature

January 12, 2014

What role can private philanthropy play in post-conflict and post-authoritarian transitions? Why do these unique moments in history require a different level of creativity, flexibility and willingness to take risk? What are the biggest challenges on the ground and how can these be effectively anticipated and mitigated? These are the questions that will be addressed by this special feature. Guest editors are Mark Freeman of the Institute for Integrated Transitions, Barbara Ibrahim of the Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Hilary Pennington of the Ford Foundation.Alliance issue: Philanthropy in transitions, December 2014, Volume 19 , Number 4.

Special Feature

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