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Peace Building - Special feature

June 4, 2019

Peace-related philanthropy, at less than 1 percent of all grantmaking, seems irresponsibly small given that armed conflict has spoils lives, divides societies and ruins economies.This issue of Alliance goes in search of philanthropy's role in peaceful development. Guest edited by a new generation of philanthropy practitioners, Lauren Bradford (Candid), Rasha Sansur (Dalia Association) and Hope Lyons (Rockefeller Brothers Fund) share their hopes for the future and discuss ways to open up the field to new voices and partners.The issue also highlights findings from a landmark survey of peace philanthropy. It discusses whether the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals can give new impetus to peace-building, the role of community philanthropy in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Palestine, and the need to re-think existing peace and security paradigms.Alliance Issue: Peace building; June 2019; Volume 24; Number 2

Special Feature

Does philanthropy need a new story?

December 5, 2017

A quiet revolution is under way in philanthropy. There is growth in unexpected places, a proliferation of new organizational forms, increased scepticism about the Anglo-American model, and a fine balance between large opportunities and unprecedented threats. These trends point in one direction: the need for a new narrative for philanthropy.Alliance issue: Philanthropy and the media; December 2017, Volume 22, Number 4.


Are you SDG ready? Arab Philanthropy and the Sustainable Development Goals

September 19, 2017

Alliance Magazine Vol 22 Number 3 September 2017 IssuePg 22-26


#ShiftThePower: The rise of community philanthropy - Special feature

November 29, 2016

The December 2016 edition of Alliance looks at the rise of community philanthropy -- the idea that development should be owned by local people not imposed from the outside. Community philanthropy's advocates, many of whom are featured in this issue of Alliance, argue that, in addition to being socially just, this approach to development is the key to sustainable development. Alliance issue: #ShiftThePower: The rise of community philanthropy, December 2016, Volume 21 , Number 4.


Why should philanthropists fund the arts? - Special feature

March 2, 2015

Should philanthropists and foundations fund artists directly to create the art they want to make? Should they fund theatres and galleries to make art more available to more people? Should they fund only work that explicitly promotes social change? Or should they fund the arts 'in their own right' -- whatever that means? These are the questions that run through all the articles and interviews in the March issue of Alliance. Guest editors are Hania Aswad of the Naseej Foundation and Fiona Ellis of Millfield House Foundation.Alliance issue: Why should philanthropists fund the arts?, March 2015, Volume 20 , Number 1.

Special Feature

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