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Social movement philanthropy - Special feature

June 2, 2020

In this time of uncertainty and upheaval, philanthropy in all its forms, from mutual aid to major gifts, has come to life. The world's largest foundations have made substantial commitments, sector bodies have called for endowments to be drawn on and for funding practices to change. Core funding has become philanthropic orthodoxy amid an impressive willingness to respond to immediate needs.The dramatic events of recent months are likely to generate a new wave of social movements at the cutting edge of social change. The relationship of social movements to philanthropy is the focus of this long-planned issue guest edited by Halima Mahomed in South Africa, Graciela Hopstein in Brazil and Romy Krämer in Spain.Here is an area in which institutional philanthropy has been missing in action with data from Candid suggesting that less than one per cent of funding goes to support movements. Could this be the moment when philanthropy finally gets behind social movements?Alliance Issue: Social movement philanthropy; June 2020, Volume 25, Number 2

Special Feature

The Quest for Collaboration in Asia

September 3, 2019

The potential advantages of far-reaching collaboration underpinned AVPN's conference in Singapore. But it is a virtue more often preached than practised.Underlying all the themes at the recent AVPN conference in Singapore was the idea of partnership and collaboration. It was almost a leitmotif of the whole proceedings and was present by implication in the conference's overall aim – breaking the boundaries between social and more mainstream finance and encouraging cooperation along what AVPN calls the continuum of capital in pursuit of social goals. What the conference also showed, however, is that collaboration is a virtue more often preached than practised. Yet, the advantages appear self-evident – greater concentration of funding on key areas, a greater pool of expertise and experience to draw on.Alliance Issue: Human rights philanthropy; September 2019, Volume 24, Number 3


Peace Building - Special feature

June 4, 2019

Peace-related philanthropy, at less than 1 percent of all grantmaking, seems irresponsibly small given that armed conflict has spoils lives, divides societies and ruins economies.This issue of Alliance goes in search of philanthropy's role in peaceful development. Guest edited by a new generation of philanthropy practitioners, Lauren Bradford (Candid), Rasha Sansur (Dalia Association) and Hope Lyons (Rockefeller Brothers Fund) share their hopes for the future and discuss ways to open up the field to new voices and partners.The issue also highlights findings from a landmark survey of peace philanthropy. It discusses whether the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals can give new impetus to peace-building, the role of community philanthropy in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Palestine, and the need to re-think existing peace and security paradigms.Alliance Issue: Peace building; June 2019; Volume 24; Number 2

Special Feature

The State of French Philanthropy

March 4, 2019

It's an auspicious moment for philanthropy in France but the sector is still finding its feetIn May, the European Foundation Centre will hold its annual conference in Paris and 2019 also marks the 50th anniversary of Fondation de France, founded with the support of Général de Gaulle to promote philanthropy in France. The sector has undergone prodigious growth since the turn of the century. It's a bit like a baby giraffe, though – it's grown quickly, but sometimes seems as if it hasn't entirely found its feet. Traditional ambivalence towards philanthropy is still evident in France and the conservative stance of its foundations towards the most divisive issues of French society – the gilets jaunes protests are still fresh in the mind – raises questions about its role and purpose.Alliance Issue: Systems Change, March 2019, Volume 24 , Number 1


Philanthropy's Developers - Special feature

May 29, 2018

This issue is devoted to philanthropy's developers -- the people, organisations and networks central to the growth and development of philanthropy worldwide.Whether that's data and research, advice and consulting, training, advocacy or representation, there's an essential and vibrant but under-appreciated eco-system of philanthropy support worldwide.Alliance issue: Philanthropy's Developers; June 2018, Volume 23, Number 2.

Special Feature

Diaspora Philanthropy - Special feature

March 6, 2018

In the special feature, Alliance editor, Charles Keidan and guest editor, Mark Sidel of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shine a light on the philanthropic dimensions of diaspora with contributors on Africa, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, China and Ireland among others.Alliance issue: Diaspora Philanthropy; March 2018, Volume 23, Number 1.

Special Feature

Philanthropy and the media - Special feature

December 5, 2017

This special feature on philanthropy and the media includes a stellar panel of contributors from publications including Spiegel, The Guardian and the BBC. They consider philanthropy's role in promoting investigative journalism and combating fake news, and whether the field should welcome or fear the changes under way.Alliance issue: Philanthropy and the media; December 2017, Volume 22, Number 4.

Special Feature

What is philanthropy infrastructure for?

December 5, 2017

The featured topic of the June 2018 issue of Alliance was the evolution of philanthropy infrastructure -- the organizations underpinning philanthropy worldwide. We looked ahead and asked as the world changes, how can infrastructure organizations help philanthropy navigate and keep pace with that change?Alliance issue: Philanthropy and the media; December 2017, Volume 22, Number 4.


Next stop for venture philanthropy

September 5, 2017

When the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) was set up in 2004, venture philanthropy seemed like a vogue -- a novelty embraced by the financial industry, whose precepts it drew on, but that the rest of European philanthropy viewed equivocally. It has proven more resilient -- and more popular -- than its critics anticipated. There are venture philanthropy associations in Europe, in Asia and there will shortly be one in Africa. This durability is partly a result of its ability to create as well as to satisfy an appetite, and to its adaptability.Alliance issue: Philanthropy's Diversity Challenge; September 2017, Volume 22, Number 6.


What motivates giving - insights from behavioural science

July 3, 2017

If you think of academic research into philanthropy, you'd probably associate it with its conceptual elements - what philanthropy is, whether it should happen, what are its effects and so on. However, academic research has probably covered most ground in the area of donor motivations and how the brain works when people donate.Alliance issue: Philanthropy scholarship and practice - bridging the divide, March 2017, Volume 22 , Number 1.


What happens to the rest of it? How foundations make investments

May 30, 2017

Low-risk investment companies that channel a small percentage of their assets into philanthropy -- that's how Clara Miller, president of the Heron Foundation described foundations in an interview with Alliance a year ago. It's on that 'small percentage' that the spotlight generally falls. What happens to the rest of it? How are those investments made and in what, and -- perhaps the most obvious question of all -- shouldn't more of them be made to serve foundations' ultimate purpose?Alliance issue: Solidarity -- more in common?; June 2017, Volume 22 , Number 5.


Philanthropy scholarship and practice -- bridging the divide - Special feature

March 7, 2017

Philanthropy is now achieving global academic visibility. The world's first school of philanthropy opened in the US in 2013 and new philanthropy centres and chairs have emerged in recent years in Africa, India and Europe. Such interest is likely to intensify as philanthropists assume growing influence over public policy and practice. Yet the study of philanthropy, such as it exists, remains relatively small compared to scholarship and teaching on politics, government and business.Alliance issue: Philanthropy scholarship and practice -- bridging the divide, March 2017, Volume 22 , Number 1.

Special Feature

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